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Cartridge ten brands ink cartridge brand list

Cartridge ten brands ink cartridge brand list
HP HP (China HP Co., Ltd.)
(800-820-2255) founded in 1939 in the United States, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s leading computer and office equipment manufacturers, specializing in printers / digital imaging / software / computer and information services large multinational IT company
Canon Canon (Canon (China) Co., Ltd.)
(010-85139999, beginning in 1937 in Japan, an integrated group of well-known imaging and information products, a well-known SLR brand for photographers, the world’s top 500, Canon (China) Limited)
EPSON EPSON (EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-9977010-8522-1199, founded in Nagano, Japan in 1942, is renowned for its excellence in quality and energy saving and environmental protection. It is a well-known enterprise in the field of digital imaging, EPSON (China) Co., Ltd.)
Print-Rite PrintRite (Zhuhai Print-Rite Trading Co., Ltd.)
(400-8800-2220756-8911180, beginning in 1995, Guangdong province famous brand products, is committed to printing consumables and office supplies distribution area, printing consumables industry standards, the main drafting unit, Zhuhai Print-Rite pan Ling Trading Co., Ltd.)
Brother (brothers (China) Commercial Co., Ltd.)
(021-31332101, one of the ten brands, the utilities including fax / printer / MFP / label printer / scanner and other products as the representative of the print and solutions business, to cause domestic machines, household sewing machines / embroidery machine center)
G & G G&G (Zhuhai aipaike Polytron Technologies Inc)
(400-756-0800800-830-7918, aipake science and technology under the flag of Guangdong province famous brand, professional printing solutions provider, leading enterprises, universal laser printing consumables industry Zhuhai G & G Digital Technology Co. Ltd.)
Lexmark Lexmark (Lexmark information technology (China) Co., Ltd.)
(400-811-0055, started in the United States, focuses on print / imaging solutions for R & D / manufacturers and suppliers, large multinational enterprises, Lexmark information technology (China) Co., Ltd.)
Lenovo Lenovo (Lenovo, Cmi Holdings Ltd)
(400-100-8002400-990-8888, started in 1984, a listed company, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s leading PC computer maker, innovative international technology company, Legend Group Limited)
FujiXerox Fuji Xerox (Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd.)
(800-820-5146400-820-5146) in 1962, Japan, the world’s largest producer of digital and information technology products, a world-class office and printing equipment / systems provider, Fuji Xerox (China) Limited
Laisheng (Beijing laser Hi Technology Co., Ltd.)
(010-82886188, a professional supplier, the first domestic laser printer consumables and accessories general well-known printing supplies generic brands, high-tech enterprises, Beijing laser Hi Technology Co. Ltd.)

The harm of carbon powder

Photo copier (printer) cartridges in tiny carbon particles, will emit into the air, this toner is not biodegradable, and the carbon surface with a layer of resin, the temperature of the human body can be just melted, sticking to the lung after inhalation, inhaled more will have silicosis, there are so many in the repair copier and printer to silicosis in hospital! Toner can also do harm to people if it is adhered to the skin.

Toner mounting method

When the copier toner in the work indicating the lack of operation, and can not work, and the need to buy copier toner cartridges in the match, taking from the copier, copier to power off, according to the machine structure, open the cover, put out a toner cartridge, the need to clean up the cartridge, with a soft clean cloth, wipe off the residual ink cartridge above with powder, then put into the new toner, but it is worth noting that the toner poured into the not too full, and then turn the bar, take out the cartridge to reinstall the copier can. After reinstalling, turn on the power of the copier. The copier will have automatic recognition for a few minutes. After entering the normal mode, you can try to copy several copies.

Toner price

Copier toner price is about 120 yuan.

Ten thousand pages are not enough. How about the copier?

[Zhongguancun online office printing channel original] is it tired of regular replacement supplies? Consumables capacity super copier is your best choice, tens of thousands of pages only to change the drum, ten thousand page change toner cartridges, will greatly release your work time, save your printing costs.
Ten thousand pages are not enough. How about the copier?
Ten thousand pages are not enough. How about the copier?
Compound machine, new talent, HP, M436nda
HP’s latest release of the composite machine – HP LaserJet MFP M436nda series, this time in the M436 series, HP for the first time with the “digital composite machine” word. The HP M436 series comes out with two models, HP M436n and M436nda, with a nominal print and copy speed of 23 pages per minute, and is an entry-level A3 black and white copier.

Toner particles fine, uniform, Canon CRG 328, Beijing 407

[Zhongguancun online Beijing market] Canon CRG 328 toner cartridges, recently in the merchant “Beijing printer consumables mall” special promotions, preferential price of 407 yuan, good things good price, worth your start! Interested friends can go directly to Beijing Haidian District Zhongguancun Avenue 18 building in detail, on the Canon CRG 328 toner drum promotional information can also be consulted (Tel: 13311059671010-82535939), the merchant.
Commoditymodels market price (yuan) price (yuan) down (yuan)
Canon CRG 328
Price collection date: 2017, 09, 01 (if the price fluctuates, based on the quotations of merchants) to view the goods

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